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Fiio Fa7s Earbuds Review: Should You Buy This in 2022?

The Fiio FA7S has an excellent six-driver for versatility across various genres and has become popular for its IEMs across a range of prices. In this blog, we will be unveiling its intriguing features. It's built with stainless steel design for better durability. Also, it can deliver incredibly detailed sound quality with a wide soundstage. With the Fiio FA7S, you also get a high-quality cable and other useful accessories in the box. If you plan to buy it, you are in the right place.

Fiio FA7S was launched in the October 2021 last year and is now available worldwide. These earbuds are available on Amazon, B&H, and Hi-Fi stores. So, let's see some of its features that you may love.

Fiio FA7S Features


The Fiio FA7S is quite similar to FD3. The earbuds will comfortably fit into your ear cavity with its angled MMCX connector. It is sleek, comfortable, and durable and has an aesthetic choice from the material to its gold trim on the backplate. The earbuds have a premium look that distinguishes them from their other rivals. Also, the build quality is amazing.


The Fiio FA7S has 6 BA drives that use its unique design to provide maximum separation between frequency ranges. Also, it has a highly diverse IEM compatible with any.


The Fiio FA7S holds a heavy soundstage with many layerings and a wide wraparound. It produces a very sharp and clear binaural feeling with 3D imaging.

And serves a most natural-sounding soundstage and also adds excitement to the mix. Plus, it delivers excellent sound isolation.


The lows on the Fiio FA7S are supportive and aren't that loud like some other IEMs. Also, the low mids support enough bass to give it a comfortable punch that feels natural.


The mids work well, being transparent while still altering into the account to provide a smooth sound. The low mids handle the lows, and the slight cuttings in the upper mids reduce some harsh Ecos.


The highs bring a sense of space to the mix and don't add any harshness. They still are enough to bring brightness and joy to the sound.


The Fiio FA7S earbuds are smooth mid-range with a great vocal tone, and the highs deliver incredible clarity and vibrancy. Also, the mid-range holds a lot of presence and can make you hear the small notes and details in tracks. The soundstage is also impressive due to the array of drivers adopted for individual frequencies and allows it to produce a more captivating sound.

What's wrong with Fiio FA7S?

As we have discussed, Fiio FA7S is an incredible earbud series with versatility. It is difficult to spot any flaw in the product. However, still, there is something you should know.

The only thing wrong with it is its bass rumble isn't strong as expected. This is why, if you listen to bass-heavy songs, you might not like how they sound.

Should you buy Fiio FA7S in 2022?

You can buy Fiio FA7S for a better sound experience. There are some points on when you should buy this.

● You need wired earbuds with good quality

● You want earbuds with high-quality cable and plentiful accessories in the box.

● You want durable earbuds.

Why shouldn't you buy Fiio FA7S?

There is no long list of why you shouldn't buy Fiio FA7S. There is only one case if you listen to bass-heavy music.


The Fiio FA7S offers almost all quality earbuds need, including a premium design, high-quality cable, and all necessary accessories. Also, the neutral sound signature makes it a perfect option if you are looking for an IEM that is sincere to the sound recording and is a comfortable fit for long listening sessions.

Fiio adds a wonderful option here with a neutral sound and a wide soundstage. Hence, the Fiio FA7S has become the best earbuds option. So, if these earbuds meet your expectations, get these earbuds.

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