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Can’t Install Epson Scanner Driver: Here are the Fixes

Epson Printers is the best and most popular printer all over the world. It is appropriate for the workplace and home with excellent services. But as with several other famous tools, it does come with its share of issues on Windows 10.

Few users report that they have encountered problems with the initial driver installation, although they have pursued the instructions given during the installation procedure.

If you are also one of those who experience the same problem with your Epson printer, you can follow the steps in this article to solve the issue on your Epson printer.

Uninstall the Printer

If you are facing struggle while installing the Epson scanner driver, then you should follow the entire procedure given below:

  1. First, invoke the Epson printer and keep in mind that it’s linked to the device.

  2. After that, select the ‘Devices and Printers’ folder and twice click on it to invoke.

  3. You should check whether there are any queued and cancelled documents.

  4. After that, turn off the Epson printer and detach the data cord.

  5. Go to the Search bar and input ‘Programs and Features’, then hold the Enter button.

  6. Choose the printer through the list and hit the ‘Uninstall/Change’ button.

  7. Later, click on the OK button and hit the Yes button on the pursuing screen.

  8. Then you will get verification that the uninstall process is finished. Hold the OK button.

  9. Finally, reboot the device for the procedure to complete.

Run a Clean Boot

If you are struggling while running clean boot, then you should follow the entire procedure given below:

  1. First and foremost, login to the device as an administrator.

  2. After that, reach the Search bar, input ‘msconfig’ into it, and press the Enter button.

  3. Then click on the ‘System Configuration’ option through the list.

  4. You should select the Services button of System Configuration.

  5. After that, choose the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ and then pick ‘Disable all.’

  6. Go to the Start-up button and keep in mind to choose ‘Open Task Manager.’

  7. Once invoked the Task Manager, for every start-up item, choose the item and then pick Disable.

  8. Finally, shut the System Configuration and Task Manager, then reboot the device.

System Restore

If you are struggling while doing a system restore, then you should follow the entire procedure given below:

  1. First of all, hold down the power key until the ‘Automatic Repair message displays.

  2. Then, reach the Troubleshoot option, click on the ‘Advanced options’ tab, and pick System Restore.

  3. You should choose the username and input the password, then hit the Next button.

  4. Go to the preferred restore point and pursue the given directions to restore the system.

  5. Once repaired the system, check whether the issue still shows.

Disable the Antivirus

The firewall or antivirus program can often interrupt the internet connection and cause the Epson printer not to work correctly. To fix this problem and check whether this is the issue, you might temporarily delete the firewall or antivirus.

Since almost any antivirus program can cause this type of issue, be sure to delete every third-party utility temporarily.

Utilize a Dedicated Software

Updating Epson printer drivers manually can be a time-consuming procedure, and there may be a case where you install the incorrect driver, which could have the wrong effect. Consider a dedicated third-party utility that will not only install the right driver for the Epson printer but will assure that the driver stays up to date.

Multiple errors are the outcome of a malfunctioning driver. When it is the situation, you may require to reinstall or update the particular component completely.

Hopefully, you will manage to fix the issue with your Epson printer by going through our recommendations.

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