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Hideo Kojima Tweet’s Mention New Horror Game Project

The legendary video game creator Hideo Kojima drops some hints regarding the upcoming Horror game project with a tweet. The first rumors came back in October and ever since then the gaming community has been waiting for this news to be announced by Kojima productions. After their famous game Death Stranding, the fan following for the Kojima production has increased a lot.

Kojima is a Japanese famous video game director, writer, and designer best known for his games such as Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solidthe Phantom pain, and the latest Death Stranding. Death Stranding is the only game among the Kojima creation list that is released by Kojima productions while all the others went under Konami. Death Stranding was recently released; since then, it has become a trending topic between gamers throughout the world. Hideo Kojima split from the Konami in the year 2015 and then he founded its own company, Kojima Productions. However, the main cause for their split is not officially announced by either organization.

There are numerous facts that can be written or told about Hideo Kojima; some of them includes the P.T. video game that was one of the first psychological horror video game. The game was released for the PlayStation 4 in August 2014 and got a high acclamation from the critics for its incredible visuals and the direction, although the game was removed by the Konami from the PlayStation Store as a result of the cancelation installment of the Silent Hill series. One of the most exciting facts that laid out the stardom and the popularization of Mr. Hideo Kojima and Kojima productions is that Mr. Kojima is the most followed game director on Tweeter and Instagram through the world. He also won two Guinness world for that achievement.

After a glimpse of the tweet of Mr. Kojima from their Twitter page, the fans are super excited because Kojima Productions never lets the fan unsatisfied. They always come with something new and different and although Mr. Kojima didn’t confirm it totally, their tweet did. He mentions that he was watching a couple of horror films to awake his horror soul from the sleep. It also stated that The EYE Thai horror was the film that inspires him in creating the P.T. video game, though he never finished watching the movie; in the last line, he asked would he be able to finish watching this film? That clearly indicates that he is indirectly pointing out towards its new horror game project. But we all are pretty sure that the game will match the level of P.T and the game will be so amusing that either it will take out your fear or your life.

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